Lake Mary Montessori Academy Annual Fund

LMMA parents generously give of their time and talents through our Parent Volunteer Organization. In that same spirit, the Annual Fund Gift is asked for in addition to your volunteer time. It is the one of the most important gift you can share with your school community. The Fund has a specific purpose each year, and is clearly outlined in the community letter as well as school orientation. We open the fund drive in September, and it typically runs for a six week period, so we can implement the changes in the New Year.

The Annual Fund gives our school the opportunity to offer an excellent education for each child by:

– affording us the opportunity to create new and innovative curricula;

– allowing us to focus on the academic and enrichment needs for the children each year;

Past Annual Fund drives have been very successful.

-The 2006-2007 Annual Fund raised $37,000 for the installation of a wireless network and computer stations in each classroom.

-The 2007-2008 Annual Fund raised $49,500 for the building of an outdoor recreation complex for the children.

– The 2008-2009 annual Fund raised $46,000 for purchase of playground equipment,, play house and sports equipment

The 2009-2010 Annual Fund raised $20,000 for the purchase of music instruments and Montessori faculty training for music in the classroom

The 2010-2011 Annual Fund raised $22,000 for the purchase of new Primary playground equipment as well as sprucing up the outside areas. The Elementary classrooms all received new reference materials, books and photo cards.

We thank you in advance for your continued support of our Annual Fund.