Dear LMMA Families,

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year at Lake Mary Montessori Academy! It’s always wonderful to meet new community members as well as reunite with old friends after a long, hot summer!

We are excited to announce that this year’s Annual Fund and it’s initiatives will include a covered walkway connecting both sides of our school and a health and wellness program that will provide ALL snacks for ALL grade levels as well as all necessary storage and serving equipment (shelving, refrigeration, reusable platters, etc.). The snack program is a very large undertaking, taking into consideration all allergens and serving the best of ingredients (organic, non-GMO). This health and wellness program also ties into last year’s initiative of tower gardening, as the food harvested from the towers will make its way back into our classrooms. As we move forward and perfect the snack program, please keep in mind that in the next school year, expenses will need to be covered by LMMA Families once again.

In keeping you up to date on past years and what your generous contributions have funded, here are a few things you may or may not have noticed around campus. The long awaited, 12-foot fence has been erected on the playing field. The kids are going to be so excited that they can play their soccer games (and more) without worrying about losing their equipment in the retention pond! You may have also noticed that our tower gardens are empty. The reason being, it is too hot to plant right now. Our composter will arrive in time for fall and our towers will be replanted in October with help from all of our friends. The faculty and staff have put more emphasis on living well and eating right and you can already feel the children’s excitement as we continue building on this initiative.

We will raise money for the Annual Fund this year with your participation in the following events:

  • 3rd Annual Fun-D Run
  • LMMA Family Donations – $100 per family and 100% participation
  • On-line Fundraising Through Friends & Family
  • Event Raffle
  • On-Line Auction – including NASCAR Pit Passes to SEVERAL of their biggest events!
  • Yearbook Sales/Love Notes

Our 3rd Annual Fun-D Run will take place on Friday, October 2nd, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. at Central Winds Park. This is a wonderful FAMILY AND FRIENDS EVENT . At no other time during the year will we be able to come together as a whole to celebrate our children and our school. We will send out an e-mail with more information about the event, but please SAVE THE DATE!

We are pleased to announce that our philanthropic recipient this year, Bags of Hope Central Florida, will be receiving 15% of the proceeds raised through corporate donations and on-line. Bags of Hope Central Florida provides a supportive program called “Kids Club” for children who suffer from daily hunger in Seminole and Orange Counties. This weekly program at the children’s’ schools provides each child with a food care package, including fresh and packaged foods, mentoring to provide emotional support and guidance, and literacy support with books to read to promote their academic success. The goal is to empower the children to change their futures by focusing on their education. Please visit to learn more and also look for additional information in future emails.

Our raffle, which has taken place during the Fun-D Run these past two years, continues to be very successful so we will be conducting it again this year. In addition to asking for donations from local businesses, we want to turn to our community and ask that any families who own their own businesses and would like to contribute to our raffle, to please do so! We are also accepting gift basket donations from families who would like to give independently (please note that these donations are separate and apart from your school donation). Corporate Sponsorships are also available. There are many levels of sponsorship from which to choose. Previous Corporate Sponsors have benefitted greatly from their partnership with LMMA. This year will be no exception!!

Our on-line auction will take place again this year as well. Dr. Michael Lynch, Vice President, Green Innovation and STEM Platforms, and father of Samantha Lynch (DaVinci) has been very gracious and is donating several unique NASCAR experiences for the third year in a row! These tickets are transferrable and make wonderful gifts. Our auction will activate shortly, so please be on the lookout for more information via e-mail in the next few weeks. (Tickets will include Pit Passes and Grandstand Tickets to the Ford Ecoboost 400 Championship and the Daytona 500, as well as the Coke Zero 400.)

When we agreed four years ago to take on the responsibility of the Annual Fund, we hoped to accomplish three things. First and foremost, we wanted to evoke a sense of community by working together during the fundraising process. Second, we wanted to create a “system” that would allow for monies in excess of our goal to roll-over into the next Annual Fund each year. Third, we wanted to reduce your monetary obligation, when possible, by putting in place programs that could raise money from outside of our school community.

We are very pleased to announce that this year we are concentrating on 100% PARTICIPATION from families at the school. By doing so, and asking for $100 per family (not per child), continuing to reach out for corporate sponsors and succeeding with our other events, we cannot only do what we hoped for, but pay for the program and the items mentioned above. Keep in mind, should you want to contribute more than $100 per family, by all means, please do so! Just like in the past, it remains a tax deductible contribution.

It’s about community! It’s about supporting each other and those who support us. It’s about giving back to the community through our philanthropic recipient and continuing to strengthen our already wonderful community. Again, we are looking for 100% participation this year and by lessening the financial obligation, we hope to get it!

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We are always open to your questions, comments and suggestions.

In Friendship,

Sharon & Marty Hall

Annual Fund Chairpersons

Sharon, Cell Phone 407-970-4331

Marty, Cell Phone 407-970-3601