Books About Trees

It’s hard to imagine our world without trees. Silent and towering, they give us far more than we give them. Our children have a natural fascination with trees, from the time they are very young. This week we celebrate these magnificent plants with a list of books that we hope will inspire and cultivate awe […]

The Montessori Method 101

In the Montessori world, it is often said that “the materials are not the method”. Montessori education uses specialized learning tools, but without the proper guidance of a Montessori teacher, they do not produce results.  The classroom materials are put into place to assist the children as they participate in self-directed work.  Chilren are allowed […]

UN Model: Our Country is Algeria!

Carlos and Sam, sixth-graders from the Barry class, traveled to New York City with their teacher, Anna Gonzalez, to the Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) from February 28th to March 3rd, 2010 .  Held in the United Nations Headquarters, the MMUN program is an opportunity for students to learn about current issues through real-life experience, […]

Why Choose Montessori?

In these challenging economic times, many parents find it a struggle to continue to send their children to a private Montessori school.  Some parents are asking themselves if the expense is worthwhile.  There are a myriad of reasons to send your child to Montessori, but to answer the question of ‘Is the expense worthwhile,” parents […]

Montessori Teaching Methods

Experiential learning, or learning by doing, is a fundamental component of the Montessori teaching method.  In a traditional classroom, students assimilate facts from books and teachers’ lectures, memorize them, and are tested on them.  Do the children truly understand what they have memorized, or are they just regurgitating facts that have no meaning to them?  […]

Science Shows that Montessori Education is Successful

Three-year-old Jackson was a shy child; he was hesitant to join groups of children, and when an adult addressed him, he looked down and did not answer.   Jackson’s parents were worried about him: how would he succeed in school if he could not even talk to new people?  They felt that he would get lost […]