Allow us to show you why LMMA‘s Montessori Program is one of the country’s best, as validated by a National Accreditation Team

To see if LMMA is the right choice for your family, and in order to help evaluate our Montessori Program compared to a traditional program, we have created a comparison worksheet. This worksheet will assist you in making the best decision for your child. Please enter your email address and you will receive your FREE comparison worksheet. This also allows you to participate in our Montessori e-course of pertinent topics.

At Lake Mary Montessori, we inspire a passion for excellence; nurture the curiosity, creativity and imagination born within us all; awaken the human spirit of every child.

  • With LMMA’s accreditation from the American Montessori Society & Southern Association of Colleges & Schools, We have successfully:
  • Completed an intensive 12-to-18-month self-study involving administration, staff, teachers, and parents;

    Participated in a rigorous onsite peer review;

  • Reaffirmed a commitment to a strategic plan for long-term improvement; and
  • Complied with AMS school accreditation standards.

The loving and caring environment found at LMMA is hard to replicate, the beauty of their multi-age environment speaks for itself, the educational curriculum quenches the most voracious of appetites and the dedication of the faculty to each of the children is unmatched.” – LMMA Parent