Lake Mary Montessori Academy is focusing our efforts on becoming more environmentally friendly.  We have already begun recycling rain water, and we have added recycling cardboard, paper, and plastic here at the school.  This program will complement our science and nature curriculum as well as the peace curriculum.  Lunch is our largest trash generating activity here at the school creating a very large amount of environmental and food waste.

Need to Know

  1. Whatever your child brings to school will go home. This includes pre-packaged containers that create waste such as applesauce, yogurt, and juice containers.
  2. All unfinished food will be sent home so you will know how much your child is eating.
  3. We will not be using plastic cups at lunch or snack.  Your child should be bringing a water bottle everyday for use in the classroom and outside.
  4. Please provide a cloth napkin in your child’s lunchbox every day.
  5. Your child must have a spoon and fork available for them to use every day, regardless of the food that is packed for them.
  6. Every item you pack in your child’s lunch should be in a re-usable container labeled with your child’s name and not a plastic bag, tin foil, or plastic wrap.
  7. Please visit and put the school’s name in the comments section when you purchase any item.