All Lake Mary Montessori Academy students are required to wear uniforms purchased from Lands’ End.

The following is a direct link to that will bring you to the Lake Mary Montessori Academy welcome page. There you can locate a Sears close to you, where you may go and try items on for sizing.




  Uniforms: All children are required to wear school uniforms purchased from Land’s End at landsend.com/school (Preferred school #9001-3634-2).

    1. Boys – Khaki or navy shorts or pants and LMMA polo shirts or t-shirts in forest green or light blue.
    2. Girls – Khaki or navy shorts, pants or skorts and LMMA polo shirts or t-shirts in forest green, light blue or white. Plaid skorts and jumpers are also available. Khaki, navy, light blue, white, or black leggings or tights may be worn under jumpers and skorts.        
    3. Outerwear: Navy blue or forest green sweatshirts may be worn throughout the day, with a uniform shirt underneath. Non-uniform coats or jackets may be worn to school and on the playground.      
    4. Accessories: One of the purposes of a school uniform policy is to take the emphasis off the clothing worn by the children and place it on the learning taking place in the classroom. With this in mind, hair accessories should be understated and consistent with the uniform colors. Due to safety concerns, no hoop earrings, bracelets or necklaces should be worn to school. Small stud earrings and a watch are appropriate. Upper Elementary girls should not wear any makeup to school. Girls may only wear hair headbands or hair accessories that match the colors of the uniform (i.e. khaki, navy, light blue, white, forest green, or black). Headbands must be plain with no ornamentation.            
    5. Spirit Day: On Fridays, students may wear the LMMA t-shirt with uniform shorts, skort or long pants. Spirit shirts are available at the beginning of the school year in the office.          
    6. Birthday Celebration Day: On the day that a child celebrates his/her birthday with his/her class, he/she may wear non-uniform clothing to school. The clothing selected on this day should be appropriate for usual school activities, such as outdoor play and art.           
    7. Shoes: Comfortable sneakers or closed toed shoes are best. Socks must be worn as well. No sandals, flip flops etc. They are not appropriate for the playground, sports court or field. If a child arrives at school in improper shoes, the parents will be called to bring appropriate shoes to school.

                  Names should be clearly marked on all clothing, particularly          


Please remember to send in an extra set of clothes for primary children (it does not need to be a uniform set) with underwear and socks in a marked Ziploc bag. We keep this on hand in case of a bathroom emergency.

Uniform Compliance
Students are expected to be in uniform each day without exception. The parents will be notified to bring an appropriate uniform when a student arrives for class out of uniform. The school requests full parental support of the uniform policy.       Uniform violations will be reported to the office. For the first violation, a written notice will be sent home. For a second violation, the teacher will speak to the parents. For a third violation, a brief conference will be scheduled with the parents to discuss a solution. 


Email Lorraine at Lchmura@lmma.net