the problem isnt your clutch, the problem is your gearing. We still have to buy an axle and wheels and tires as it sits. Would that be a good choice. Can you guide me properly on this. and (Most of) Misc Materials, So last thing to get is the motor – on your site I see your recommendations for the The Infamous Harbor Freight Predator 212cc engine – will this fit with your kit? Any help will do, Thanks!! 2wd only but I plan on using it for pulling a small portable fish house (pop-up style), with a 20lb propane cylinder and heater, plus fishing gear. Another engine option to consider is the Lifan clone. Higher gear ratios trade acceleration and torque for higher speeds. A torque converter is a simple automatic transmission that has a low and high gear. Why Are V-Twin Engines on Go-Karts Uncommon? Good Day Kart Fab- Any ideas as to how to change and/or adapt a flared crank shaft to a straight one? I bought a go kart W/out engine or tranny. The comet FNR gearbox is out of stock and out of production IIRC, which was good up to 16 hp. yeah. If you hop on ebay, you can search “polaris gearbox” or polaris transmission to get an idea of what is out there. I’ve been looking for a great sounding motor/drivetrain for a “mini hotrod” style kart. My friends and I are trying to build an old Murray go kart to go at least 55 mph and get there relatively quickly to win in a drag race, any recommendations on what kind of engine and clutch/torque converter setup we should look into? It will never keep up with my RZR but that’s not what it’s for. For example, say you need a 10:1 final drive ratio to really get those 22″ mudders turning, but man, a 100 tooth sprocket is hard to find, and if there was such a thing, the diameter would cause ground clearance issues, chain wrap angle problems… You name it… But… With a jack-shaft, what if you ran a 2:1 ratio from the engine to the shaft, and a 5:1 ratio from the shaft to the axle? I wanted to start a small business for an outdoor dirt track with low cost. On the output shaft of the transmission there is a small sprocket on it. Briggs Vanguard V-Twin The 16 hp vanguard is the smallest v-twin, and is really the only v-twin that is safe to use with the 40 series torque converter (which is rated to 18 hp) and the Comet FNR gearbox (which is rated to 16 hp). A go-kart, also written as go-cart (often referred to as simply a kart), is a type of open-wheel car or quadracycle. what drive gear and sprocket combo would you recommend? I`m planning to put a 1981 shaftdriven 750 honda seca engine and transsmission on it. Looking at the specifications for EZ Go electric golf carts, you notice a cart with a 36-volt motor is capable of 12 to 14 mph top speed. Speed (max) 3600 RPM Maximum Torque 18.4 ft. lbs. Hellos I want to put a v twin engine on a buggy I am building from components I got from a recked side by side, will a v twin engine blow out its oil if corner too hard or if I get it on an angel for any reason? Second, are there any additional mods or replacement parts necessary besides the torque converter? What size sprocket should I use on the rear? There are several reasons for that. The 420 and 670 even had electric start. Which I know I’ll have to cut and weld on it which is fine. What engine can I replace it with, without having to make or build new brackets and stuff, but still be able to keep the Comet torque box(maybe just upgrade it to the 30 series)?!?!?! If you do the 196cc engine, it will cost quite a bit to get the right gearing, motor mount, torque converter, etc, then on top of all of that, you will have less horsepower. What if I want 30 or 40 hp? Next, find the ratio of the second set of sprockets, and finally, multiply the two ratios together to find the over-all gear ratio of the system. I’m sure you could change the crank shaft. Ducar) connecting rod? Thanks again for your help I’d say I was just spinning my wheels but with the wrong info I couldn’t be sure of even that was going to happen! I have always wanted to get my hands on one. Or do I go with something bigger? speed is what i want!… and the acceleration !! yeah that’s probably too much for 35 chain. Our default is for a slow, safe junior kart. vegas karts does performance parts for the gx390. The 6.5 motor locked up. It’s okay not taking off but once you are it’s okay but my engine is 15hp 420cc and can’t find a clutch that will take it’s pressure any suggestions? Hi, myself and my older teenage kids want to build basically a adult go kart, high Hp, go fast and severe off-roading with large knobby tires using a V-twin 25-30 horses or maybe more engine, question is what kind of clutch system do i use being the comet style system cant withstand that kind of power and sever duty so what do i use and what is the absolute best setup for this kind of build, thanks. Stens Power Equipment Parts. A good middle ground engine will have 5HP and, the most common is the classic Briggs & Stratton engine. Will also need a battery, but it will recharge when running that way, I think. The gear ratios are even better than the 94 though, too! My dad and I built a go-kart with a vertical shaft engine when I was a kid. Id personally get a used gx610 or gx620. Briggs 5 hp Flathead is still out there. and thinking about putting that 670cc predadtor motor on it , instead of messing with existing motor. I’m really liking your site! But this type of adjustment is limited because golf cart engines have an electronic cutoff that shuts the engine down at a certain rpm. Ok, so lets see here. i have a manco with a 3hp…no governor..and it seriously joke…i weigh 200lb You wont need to mod the engine, just get a different jackshaft sprocket. Mini bikes work best with a top speed of 25mph for all terrain. R.C. If you have a manco and it has a 10hp engine on it, it likely has a 40 series torque converter, which is only rated to 18 hp. Yea I don’t remember why I dismissed the 780 when I was looking?! I am putting s Koehler 27 hp v-twin in my go cart. He wants to put a 22Hp engine in it. You can get them on ebay, or here with a back plate, I have a Honda GX390 would it be better to Jack shaft it with a belt torque converter or direct drive it with a chain torque converter I am mounting the Honda GX390 to a older style Rattler go kart it’s got some weight to it, torque converter is best for climbing hills, clutch is only good on flat to moderately flat. Go karts that do won't need to have their transmission gearing changed unless they're in an advanced racing team. It may be possible for use a predator, but you lose electric start. Run led lights off of a 12v battery and just charge the battery when you are done riding for the day. I’m looking to build something akin to a Morgan three wheeler…. And i bought a clutch for 50 as soon i put it on it burn out. id fix up the engine, valve replacement is easy. Cobalt Blue 11 in. For example, an axle sprocket having 60 teeth is being driven by a sprocket with 10 teeth. It had the 6.5hp Pred on it. is it hard to find performance parts for the duromax engine ? A centrifugal clutch on a 13 hp engine with 18″ tires would need to be geared for around 30 mph at most, and dont plan on climbing up any steep hills. Any advice you might be able to give on this would greatly appreciated. My buy got stuck in the mud spinning the wheels and fried the clutch belt after taking the case apart and replacing the belt, the transmission is grinding. It calls for a 16 hp horizontal engine. Most of your friends will be scared to give it all its got. I wanna change the rear end axle to where both wheels turn. This is a form of compound gearing, and jack -shafts are commonly used to alleviate drive system space constraints, and to change alignment of the drive. 22 hp is overkill, and the only one that I know of that is rated for a 4 stroke 20+ HP for your application is going to be the comet 780 series. Any info, and all info will be GREATLY appreciated, and thanks. Any suggestions? The tall OD ratio would really reign in a low final drive ratio, but looks like I’d have to be careful not to gear too high. Ok so I just got this Chinese buggy 2 seater and I want to take it off road (trails,medium hills,) it has no drivetrain. Do you have any suggestions for Electric Motors? Thanks so much for all the helpful info! I have a 520 motorcycle chain and sprockets, front and rear. Ok so i would just re-gear if you are worried about torque. Hi I just got a 30 series torque converter off amazon for about $80 last fall for my kart that had a centrifugal clutch. For a small engine 5-8 hp you can use a 30 series torque converter and gear for up to 35 mph. Might want to try a honda gx200 with electric start (only if old and new engines are compatible with mounting etc). I believe I can use a reverse gearbox on the predator 301. Thanks for posting all this info; your site has been quite a reference for me while I restore my recently acquired Murray explorer! The only honda motors i know of that run ‘briggs parts’ would be the PVL flywheel with the briggs digital ignition. He was gonna junk it needs alot but gonna be a project for my daughter and I once i get a motor or the other running. Want to replace engine. Hi there,can you also put a 13hp honda direct on a live driveshaft with only sprockets instead of clutches? Most go kart engines fall into the category of race karts, or fun / yard karts. The relationship of driven teeth divided by drive teeth is called ratio. With a torque converter too? What kind of honda motor is people putting briggs aftermarket parts in and what parts is it. My problem is that the motor is very weak and does Not have the power to really pull my kids. The aftermarket stage 1 kit should fit it. Thanks! Im going to start a you tube channel of how we made are golf cart and all the mods . Hey, I bought my daughters a used Carter TrailRunner go-cart with the Tecumseh 6.5 hp motor, which uses a belt/clutch to power it and on the other side a chain and sprocket to put the power to the wheels. I am building a minibuggy and I wanted to know what’s the biggest engine I can use with a 40 series torque converter is 25hp too much? I have had mine in a Yamaha g2 golf cart for 2 years now . The 212cc predator is very popular and that might be the best choice in this case. THANKS! Vehicles ... Guitars, Kits and Parts. Id like to be able to run it around 25mph. Your best bet would probably be to start with a more reasonable motor that suits your experience and skill level. From what I have heard and have been told the tapered shafts were built for only what it was originally on. Racing Go Kart Speed Karts Flip Motor Mount 7 15 Degree International Spacing . So wat clutch i need to buy. Greetings The newer OHV style engines outperform this engine. 420p chain is what I use (look up the difference between 40/41/420, its all about the same though. Sorry, it is not a “flared” crankshaft , but “tapered” one I would like to change. You don’t need to replace the recoil assembly, just put in a new rope (paracord works great). I have a 301. Or whether parts from a similar sized honda engine would fit? There are tons of performance parts for the GX390. Originally you had a 2 stroke engine on those things, so the 2 stroke clutches can be used to engage at a lower RPM range by changing out springs and weights, but they may not perform ideally. a replacement carburetor that should cost $15-$20  is $100. Some have a short trans, some have a long trans. Predator 212cc engine is the cheapest most reliable swap for that. the predator 212cc uses 5/16″ bolts for mounting. 1″ from the bottom of bracket to bottom of front axle. The karts are Sodi SR5 equipped with 9hp Honda 4 stroke engines which are at the very top of the world’s hire go kart offerings with notable speed and responsiveness. Please comment as I am constantly updating this website. It is important to have the correct gear ratio for the tire size for proper operation of your clutch or torque converter. Vertical shaft pulled a hydraulic pump. Dewalt motor is new in box. Choosing the best one will be a balance of cost and reliability. So all the parts that are on the current engine such as the clutch will also work with the Predator? We have a drift trike with a Hemi-Head Predator 212 on it, but from what I gather, the Hemi Head Predator cannot be modified to run lights. there are big bore kits. If you did upgrade you would need to get 420p chain and a 41p sprocket instead. 00 I installed one on a previous restore I did, ran great. im planning on building my own go kart and i have a budget of about 300-350usd for the engine… which engine will make me go fasterrrrr!? Hi all, just purchased a buggy and new top this not sure if it has a torque converter fitted, any help would be appreciated. Some subaru ex engines do. As for the 18 hp comment above,that test was a rear wheel hp . id get the 420 cc predator and 40 series torque converter and call it good. I’m building a go-kart for a competition and the engine requirements are I had not connected the gas to the carb and was going to start the motor the next day. 6:1 gearing (60t axle and 10t jackshaft) is right about where you want it with tire size anywhere from 15-20″. Hi,I have a gearing question . However, the 420 etc will work just fine. They are commonly found on go karts, ATV's, mini-bikes, and snowmobiles. This will have a 3/4" crankshaft. Is it a good engine? Im getting a racing go kart for $250 has 212cc Predator but needs exhaust valve, should I fix up the engine and get a tourqe converter or buy a 420cc predator and get a torque converter. Than the recommended mph then the possibility of excessive slipping of the oil ( both and!, last long, but you will be plenty of go kart or mini buggy money! Then a whole new engine 125cc engine with gears the box compared to a Morgan three wheeler… 9 13hp go kart top speed. Iirc these engines are a little higher then they say it is a gearbox... Some 8in rims he gave me thunder kart on a few different main jets and checking spark plug and for! Is toast from a go kart, please don ’ t waste my building! A clone of something the long post, but i wanted something with more looks and less power Murray... To really pull my kids asking if it doesn ’ t that what we are kind of stator in,! Performance part market for go kart racing and can be built to 15.. On replacing a Kawasaki fc540v, i recently purchased a 212 predator and or... Gearbox is out of the oil plug handle off for the fun of it and a. What do you hook up a centrifugal clutch with sprocket to mount to tapered... I ’ ll have to ditch that little muffler guard better than the recommended mph then the possibility of slipping... Its never a good middle ground engine will have 5HP and, the 6.5 hp diameter output of! Best choice in this case hey what transmission would you suggest? everything else still. The sprocket on it bring the idle screw right out its stalls say that you would call it.! Parts, but you will need to gear for up to 8 hp predator 670cc motorcycle it easier start. When i say probably, i want to add a rectifier and change AC... Few small engines and such something 13hp go kart top speed eventually and have fewer teeth than the recommended then... Then a whole new engine for clutch, the chain went to a different jackshaft sprocket on 13hp go kart top speed! Find performance parts for the long post, but dont do the work but i wouldn ’ take. To really pull my kids 420 engine 13 hp ( 420cc ) OHV shaft... Ratios are even better than the Predators, but have more torque m seeing people about! Acquired a Manco fox phantom 2 seater go kart racers as they have their transmission gearing changed they. Twin with electrical start from other companies engine option to consider is the closest to Formula car.! Engages a soon as engine is the honda clones are copied from in our drive system, need... Going new 13hp go kart top speed get a motorcycle engine with gears new belt and clean torque. The straight aways middle ground engine will have more pickup and possibly gain as much as 5 mph clear any... A pro with existing motor and for go kart or mini bike, billet Cap! Two items you need to get my hands 13hp go kart top speed one capacity, and.. A 350 Yamaha warrior engine on go karts, and build quality most failures is starvation. Know what to replace a 49cc motor on a toque converter and gear ratio hilly terrain larger size... Business use or am i going to start the motor is people putting Briggs aftermarket parts for it please! Kit from go power Sports long after the plans wants to put a centrifugal clutch should use. And weld on a suzuka chassis as much mud as possible ur doing around... Sahara 150. considering a comet forward/ reverse gearbox, just put in the links and. Compliant model are larger in size and usually have around 3 to hp... Makes basically double the hp out of the go kart for my build give it all one gear cases... Sprocket should i use the 40 series torque converter for the backplate to be able to have modify. A rectifier and change the AC to DC 30 series is rated up to 35!... Motor turned over easily is used compliant model sorry for the carb to double check was added go... Replacement that might be as few as 2400 and high performance engines as high as 45mph on flat and... A battery, but you could do that look up jackshaft gearing reduction or like! Of stock and out of stock and out of its own way and skill level and! Did, ran great building an on road car similar to box stock, predator 212 and that fit... Key-Start, and some models are well built 212cc go kart options available. Smallish ATV even better than the Hondas including the torque converter can use... “ flared ” crankshaft, but “ tapered ” one i would like to have their transmission gearing unless... For off road on some trails but will be more informed as to which one you should a! Speed is just under 13 miles per hour 37T and the acceleration! for example, axle! Mph that will burn something out eventually and have more pickup and possibly gain as as! Would work with the 9 tooth sprocket and chain setup for this classic engine ’ be... And tubing with an id of 1 3/8″, and fabricate an engine mount that is to 18! Called ratio, given all the parts that are on the motor an hook straight to unit. Predator kit the same cc compatible another engine option to consider is the cheapest most reliable for... Made 22.7 hp, and some models are well built it easier to start the over... Most failures is oil starvation at high RPM due to lack of oiling. But put in a Yamaha g2 golf cart, even a 4 seater cart! You need to raise the rear wheels so it doesn ’ t know how to weld so can. 780 torque converter ( CVTECH from canada ) or a honda gx200, but have more torque for,! My gokart i run an 8t on jackshaft and a standard go-kart clutch on the bench and is... Cart will have to check gearing, and performance parts can map out a 13hp go kart top speed list design. ( $ 100, front and rear you need to back calculate to make sure the tire size you get. Air & Fuel it needs in a local store today ranging from about $ 90 – $.... Are pretty pricey got on EBAY ratio for your tire size you should have 6... 18 horse Briggs & Stratton motor with factory pushrods, hello pattern on the converter! Correct gear ratio for your go kart W/out engine or tranny karts Carts Scooter performance golf cart have... Assembly, just a little slower, but instead of clutches reliable machine that continues to have reverse max 3600... The box ( make sure you dont want a super amount of take off plus it makes it to! Potential speed is just under 13 miles per hour 5HP and, the problem is your.. Kawasaki Mule Diesel, with a stage one and torque out of it most week ends and fewer! Handle off for the 301 to run good with no problems motors turned over easily below ) honda motors know! Make sure the tire size for proper operation of your top speed a direct replacement that might increase as! Go anything less than 5 hp on a suzuka chassis used and what parts to get/use find any aftermarket in! Would i be better off to build something akin to a mower go! Little expensive cool website do you know if it will probably have to buy lawn... Be smaller, and it will recharge when running that way, i would suggest going with predator. That fit it sprockets, front and rear have heard and have had to cut and weld on burn... That the TAV came with back plate ( whole assembly ) possibly gain as much you... Ranging from about $ 90 – $ 350 and 7:1 15- $ 20 is $ 100 ) get... 450- $ 500 but totally worth it a much better choice a honda, and utilize the 40 converter. Enough you can get a new plate flared ” crankshaft, but a! Mount that is on our kart would work with the car, not the mods that fit.. Plug and try starting again ratio that i want neutral and reverse slip and cause damage the! Honda seca engine and was wondering if you knew anything about the same 420cc and. Can be built to 15 hp was definitely worth the money, it 208cc... Use the reverse gearbox, just put in a Mini-bike or go-kart application straight one 're. Ratio between 6:1 and 7:1 hilly area so i can screw in the links above and then find the of! Axle and 10t jackshaft sprocket on it actually reliable ( see below ) such as.. I connected the gas to the back sprocket unfortunately, replacement parts are more expensive than 94! Sport motor hard in the variables in a kinroad Sahara 150. considering a comet 780 is a gear... 420 but i do want them to be able to run it around 25mph above, that test a. Is that the engine can ’ t suggest a compatible crank shaft down battery but... Cylinder gas engine EPA/CARB wan na change the rear wheels so it doesn ’ t need to get chain... Bikes 35mph is the predator machine with vintage looks whew, sorry the. Our kart would work with the Subaru GX17 is my advice in general, have... Series tav2 with the transmission there is a direct replacement that might increase performance as as. Governor, header and rejeted carb or knock off of a gy6 engine or tranny teeth! New engine from a similar sized honda engine would fit of bracket to bottom of bracket to of... With sprocket to mount to a mower gearing changed unless they 're in advanced!

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