It is with great excitement that we are announcing our 19th Summer Day Camp.  Much creative planning has been put into place.  The children can experience six weeks of fun and learning.  We are inviting children entering Kindergarten for the 2019-2020 school year and younger to come share their summer with us.

The children may enroll for the entire six week program or individual weeks of interest.  The tuition covers all materials for the different camp programs, art supplies and visitors to our camp. You will receive a 5% discount for second and/or more siblings.


Week 1 (June10-14) Our Planet Earth:  Reduce/Reuse/Recycle – Come along on this awesome adventure! Learn about the planet Earth. Campers will create their own passport as they travel to land and water on our Earth. We will compost and hatch earth worms. Art will be created from all recyclable materials.  Learning how to reduce, reuse, and recycle has never been this much fun!

Week 2 (June 17-21) The Fascinating Desert Biome – Come along as we learn all about the Fascinating Desert Biome! The Desert Biome is filled with captivating and dangerous animals including spiders, scorpions, lizards and bats – oh my! We will learn about the exoskeleton and poisonous venom. Campers will also experience hands-on experiments and research animals in this science-filled week!

Week 3 (June 24-28) Down on The Farm – Come discover all the fantastic animals and fun activities that take place on a farm!  Students will learn the names of various farm animals and their families. They will find out how an egg develops into a baby chick and how to care for the animals on the farms.  Other topics of interest include: the types of crops grown on a farm, farmer’s jobs and responsibilities, and the importance of farms. Campers will enjoy a fun-filled week with loads of silliness and dramatic play.

Week 4 (July 8-12) Community Helpers:  Local Heroes – Our community helpers are our local heroes!  The police officers, the firefighters, postal workers, construction crews, doctors and veterinarians are among those that help make our community a better place.  Each day we will focus on a new community helper and will learn about what they do and their tools of their trade.  This week includes special visitors from the community who will speak with the kids about their job and how they give back!

Week 5 (July15-19)   Eric Carle Creations – Discover and celebrate the art and stories of children’s author, Eric Carle, in this literature based camp. Campers will bring these famous stories to life as they create artistic masterpieces using come of Carle’s very own illustration techniques with stories like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” They will learn about the scientific process with books like “The Tiny Seed” and they will explore emotions with stories such as “The Grouchy Ladybug” and “The Very Lonely Firefly.”

Week 6 (July 22-26) STEAM:  Fascinating ForcesDiscover the forces of nature with hands-on, mind-on, full body experimentation.  The campers will love making works of art utilizing centripetal force and overcoming gravity by keeping shredded paper in a bucket swinging over their heads.  They will explore the natural forces in of the world in one of the best ways: learning through their senses!

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